Below are some of the resources provided by Mercer in response to coronavirus.


What steps should you be taking to ensure business continuity?


What will the new world of work look like?


How will your business adapt to new ways of working?

COVID-19: An Employer’s Guide:

Industry insights

Results from Global Survey #6: Flexing for the Future and Returning to the Workplace
click to view results by industry (Banking/Financial Services, Consumer goods, Energy, Healthcare, High tech, Insurance, Life sciences, Manufacturing, Professional services, and Retail, hospitality, and entertainment sports)

Legislative updates

CARES Act DB funding and AFTAP guidance provides little reliefRecent IRS guidance answers several key questions about defined benefit plan provisions in the CARES Act; however, plan sponsors may not be entirely happy with the answers.

California expands COVID-19 test coverage for managed care plansRegulators in California have expanded the scope of COVID-19 diagnostic tests that managed care plans must cover, noting that these requirements do not apply to self-insured, ERISA-covered group health plans. 

Health & Retirement 

Childcare Support: The New Essential Benefit for Working American Families. As most US schools reopen in the coming weeks, 17 of the 20 largest school districts have opted for remote learning. We look at what is happening and how employers can support working parents.

Data Analytics Is Crucial for Better Employee Benefits. Employers may think that because they have carrier reports, they don’t need a data partner. Carrier reports are a great starting point, but they’re just one piece of the benefits puzzle.

Virtual Benefits Fair! Click to see a quick overview of how some clients are leveraging the virtual benefits fair as a way to engage employees and offer meaningful benefits support during open enrollment and beyond. Please note, that the window to set this up for upcoming OE is closing.  


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